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Future Plans For The GI Veterans Home land


There have been many questions and concerns about what the city is going to do with the land where the Central Nebraska Veterans Home sits. Just last week Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen announced with the hiring of Olsson Associates the city is ready to start the planning process. Mayor Jensen said that plans are far from final and community input will be vital.

One of the concerns that has been addressed is some veterans feel as if they’ve had no say, and believe that now is time for veterans to be heard about the use of the Veterans Home property. Mayor Jensen doesn’t disagree.

Another important piece of information to know moving forward is that plans and ideas brought forth in the public meetings all won’t happen overnight.

There’s no doubt Grand Island residents and veterans are passionate about this issue and Mayor Jensen believes that passion will be beneficial if pointed towards the future, and not the past.

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*The Five Minute Focus Program which aired on 4/20/17 and airs each Thursday morning at approx. 8:20 on AM 1430 KRGI as well as 106.9FM 

* KRGI's Tyson Havranek sits down with Mayor Jensen for an extended interview on the planning process for the land where the Grand Island Veterans Home currently sits.

Five Minute Focus Vets Land Plan Five Minute Focus Vets Land Plan (File size 5756 KB)

Mayor Jensen Full Interview Mayor Jensen Full Interview (File size 17986 KB)



GIPS Officials Acknowledge Concern Over Elementary Schedule Changes

     Coming up this Thursday the Grand Island Public School Board of Education will meet for the first time since learning of the proposed changes to the elementary schedule that were announced last month. The changes, set to take place at the beginning of the next school year, have been met with criticism both from parents and teachers in the school district. A Freedom Of Information request filed by KRGI News reveals email communication where senior administrators acknowledged the major concerns. Chief Academic Officer Josh McDowell. 


McDowell 1 McDowell 1 (File size 220 KB)


In the weeks leading up to the March board of education meeting senior officials in email communication are quoted saying “Hearing rumors that a few elementary teachers are trying to gather troops to complain about the new schedule and everything else, spring break should help calm the troops" Another official responded by contemplating adding parents from the parent council meeting to talk about the positives of the changes”

In an earlier interview with KRGI News McDowell says he and Superintendent Dr. Tawana Grover were in the midst of one on one meetings with concerned parents and staff.


McDowell 2 McDowell 2 (File size 327 KB)


The Board meets Thursday at the Kneale Administration building at 6:30




Homicide Investigation



Grand Island- Grand Island Police are investigating a fatal stabbing that happened Saturday evening.

Police say 59-year-old Christian Peterson died after being stabbed several times at his home. After the stabbing, Peterson sought help from neighbors before collapsing near Jefferson Elementary School about a block away from his home. Neighbors called police, and officers arrived shortly after. No arrests have been made at this time.

The Grand Island Police Department is utilizing all resources in this open investigation. At this time, police continue to apply their resources toward this investigation, and are requesting to speak with friends, family, or associates of Peterson who may have information about persons he was associating with around the time of the homicide.

Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is urged to contact the Grand Island Police Department. no further information is available at this time, but we will update as new information becomes available.




Plans Continue On Campus Of Central Nebraska Veterans Home

Development plans continue on the 500-plus acre campus of the Central Nebraska Veterans Home, after the State handed the property back to Grand Island back in December of 2015.

Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen spoke with KRGI's Tyson Havranek and says the city is set to announce more plans very soon that will include multiple opportunities for community input.


GI Mayor Jeremy Jensen GI Mayor Jeremy Jensen (File size 7144 KB)

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